About Us

Our divine Pillars:

Shree Sureshwar Tiwari One of the founder members of the organization, Shree Tiwari was a person of values and a true ‘Brahman’ whose life was dedicated towards Astang yoga. He was the chief motivator and guiding light of our team sureshwer_tiwari
The above people may not be with us in person but their spirituality will always enthrall us because as we say “Thoughts live forever.”
maa_manorama Maa Manorama It is said that God couldn’t be with us, humans everywhere so he created Mother. Maa Manorama clearly justified that by defending Acharya Verma from all those people who tried to trouble him as a knowledgeable child and helped him flourish into the person he is today.
Shree Madan Prasad Despite becoming an orphan in his childhood, Shree Prasad never took the wrong path for his survival and upliftment. He attained success through utmost honesty, determination, and dedication. Shree Prasad also passed on his traits to his son Acharya Ranjit Verma. madan_prasad
navin_kumar Shree Navin kumar Asking questions, either to self or to someone more knowledgeable is a great way of gaining consciousness and Shree Kumar is unmatched at that. His questions have always helped us to get more and more inside of thinks and bring “the fact” out.
Shree Akhileshwer Mishra The baton-holder of karmkand of our occult division, Shree Mishra is one strong pillar of our organization and one of the sources of inspiration behind the foundation of this pious cause. akhileshshwar_mishra
sambhu_sharan_shastri Shree Shambhu Sharan Shastri Another baton-holder of Karmkand of our occult division, Shree Shastri is the eldest member of our team and our guardian in the absence of Shree Sureshwar Tiwari.