The Concept Of Moksha

To understand the concept of Moksha ,one ,first of all needs to know the meaning of it .The dictionaries across the globe define it as SALVATION but that is not enough as salvation means PROTECTION FROM EVIL whereas the cycle of life and death is not evil , rather it is a method defined by the almighty through which the souls can get back to the almighty himself .

Moksha, in fact, is the ultimate achievement for a soul in its life cycle.

Many say that Moksha can only be achieved if one has got no desires left but the Mahabharat describes that a human being should have four PURUSHARTHs in one’s life:

1. Dharma

2. Artha

3. Kaama

4. Moksha

So,at the first we go through the first one –

  1. DHARMA –Sanatan Dharm –the basis set of rules that our ancestors , the dwellers of VEDIC BHARAT followed religiously .Yes religiously! And that is what made those life styles the DHARMA of our mighty ancestors.
  2. Artha: life has its requirements and many of them are material ones as well , for which one needs money .
  3. Kaama: Also known as Kaamna ,it is described as the desires of a human being. These desires are categorised into material, spiritual,    economic and social.
  4. Moksha: The end of spiritual journey of a soul in short can be called Moksha. This begins from the almighty and passing through several junctures of the life cycles reaches back to its source.

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