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The basic concept or soul of “Saptam Rahasya” is the assimilation of values in human life and attainment of spiritual richness and human excellence .For this we need to understand , follow and prioritize the rituals and values provided in Hindu scriptures.


As said above ,one should know the capability of thoughts .Many would presume and say “ its better to act than think “ but as Swami Vivekanand said, actions last for few hours or may be days – but the effect of thoughts may prevail through centuries. Thoughts never die rather carry on to live from one human to other and so on. Thus one must always think of better things or ideas that should include the upliftment of one’s ideology hence, affecting the whole society.

Our Divine Leaders

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ईश्वर की उपलब्थि


ईश्वर ही ईश्वर की उपलब्थि कर सकता है। सभी जीवंत ईश्वर हैंइस भाव से सब को देखो। मनुष्य का अध्ययन करोमनुष्य ही जीवन्त काव् Read More